What should be paid attention to in the operation of NC surface grinder


The key of NC surface grinding machine i...

The key of NC surface grinding machine is to use the grinding wheel to rotate and grind the product workpiece to achieve the specified flatness. According to the appearance of the console, it can be divided into rectangular frame console and annular console. The main parameters of the rectangular frame console surface grinder are the total width and length of the console, and the main parameters of the circular surface grinder are the diameter of the working counter. According to different shaft components, it can be divided into horizontal shaft and rotary table bearing CNC grinding machines.

Precautions for actual operation of surface grinder:

1.Accurate positioning of surface grinder

300 sets of CNC surface grinding machines shall be embedded outside the movement space, each foot screw is very urgent, and the front, rear and upper and lower levels of the platform are within 0.04/100mm. (the regulations for installing Variable Frequency Governor shall be higher) check every three months, adjust the cabinet table level during work, and emergency every foot screw.

2. Grinding wheel of surface grinder

The sand wheel must be able to withstand the turnover speed ratio of 2000 m / min. Do not use damaged sand wheel. The flange plate installed on the new sand wheel must be balanced. Before announcing the cutting, the sand wheel needs high speed for 5 minutes. Schedule 800 times, 0.03mm for CNC grinding machines below 800mm and 0.05mm for CNC grinding machines above 800mm

3. Surface grinder spindle bearing

Before installing the sand wheel, it must be clear that the main shaft bearing rotates clockwise. When starting, the spindle bearing must be opened first and then flushed.

4. Flat mill hydraulic control valve

No. 46 gear oil with viscosity shall be used for surface grinder. The new mobile phone needs to change the gear oil after three months of use, and then change it once a year, and clean the car fuel tank. Check the gear oil volume every day to ensure that the oil volume is in the middle of the low and section diagram. Before the oil motor runs, the total flow shift lever shall be clearly closed. The magnetic absorber must be opened before opening the hydraulic press

5. Surface grinder lubrication equipment

The lubricating grease shall be sliding rail grease with viscosity of No. 32. (it is strongly recommended that meiweida No. 2 or 1405) determine the remaining oil in the vehicle fuel tank (pool) every day to ensure exit. Check whether the oil circuit of the guide rail is unblocked every week to avoid oil loss of the slide rail. It is recommended to clean the car fuel tank every three months. Fill grease on time as required.

6.Upper and lower tissues of surface grinder

It is forbidden to adjust the up and down travel when the console is moving. When the steel cable of the console is loose, it shall be adjusted immediately.

7. Water flushing and dust removal equipment

The filter screen of the dust removal box must be cleaned every two weeks, and the cold water tank must be cleaned once a month. The air gun must be used to clean the surface grinder.






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